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How to make working with Specs2 much easier

Hi. Specs2 is one of the most popular Scala libraries for testing, but definitely not a simple one. That’s why I’ve decided to create a blog post with a few tricks on how to make working with Specs2 much easier. The examples are 100% artificial, but their purpose is only to demonstrate the capabilities of Specs2.

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Event-sourced game implementation example - Part 1/3: Getting started

Hi, in this post series we’ll create a really simple (yet complete) event-sourced game. It won’t be anything spectacular thus its rules are as simple as: game creator specifies players taking part each player, one after another, has an opportunity to roll the dice each player’s opportunity to roll is time limited, if player won’t […]

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The Rough Experience with Slick

Adventure begins Recently me and a few of my colleagues from ScalaC worked on an integration project which aim was to provide an interface between a machine learning engine and its clients via a Spray-based HTTP server and (internally) a persistence layer. As our work meant to be just a part of a larger system […]

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Akka Streams and RabbitMQ

Akka Streams is an exciting new technology from Typesafe that is an implementation of the Reactive Streams specification. To this point two other implementations have been declared (from the Reactor team and Netflix’s RxJava team) but only the Typesafe’s implementation is mature enough to do some experimenting with it. This blog covers the 0.3 version of Akka Streams. You can find the […]

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About API driven development