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02.06.2016 / By Krzysztof Wyczesany

Overview of free monad in cats

Cats library, which helps to write purely functional code, is a quite young project in Scala. It brings many structures and functional constructs for you to use. The library itself is designed in a modular way, so we can use only things that we really need. In this post I’ll try to look at the Free […]

26.05.2016 / By Dominik Zajkowski

Domain specific types in a play framework project.

We can all agree that it’s useful to be able to express a number. Or a character. It could be argued that most code is built upon some set of primitives. And naturally simple types work well in a limited number of use cases: algorithms, tutorials, small/focused applications etc. The moment the domain outgrows the […]

19.05.2016 / By Mateusz Kubuszok

Reflections on starting Android project with Scala

Hello. In this post I’d like to describe my experiences with Android, Scala and SBT. I will cover the goals I wanted to achieve, issues I encountered and the results I reached in the end.

12.05.2016 / By Mateusz Kubuszok

Improving your project with SBT

I believe that the work on keeping quality high should start from the very beginning of the project. When it comes to actual implementation, setting up build configuration is the very first thing one makes. The choice of tools has a huge impact on the process and results. Additionally, the build itself is a program […]

05.05.2016 / By Tomasz Lewiński

Managing React state with Redux

The example of Facebook dealing with chat problem shows how important it is to properly manage the state of web applications (and I mean UI state). Facebook tried to synchronize a counter between unread messages and currently open chatboxes which caused lots of problems for the users.

03.03.2016 / By Tomasz Lewiński

Introduction to webpack with ES2015 and React

The good old days when a webpage had just few JavaScript and CSS files are gone, now our web apps grow bigger and more complex every year. And how to manage and develop all that code? First was Grunt but quickly replaced with Gulp and Browserify, which are great. But configuring them properly takes too much time. Fortunately for us […]

25.02.2016 / By Jakub Kozłowski

def hello = macro world

Hello! In this post I’ll describe the process of creating a macro transforming a function. We’ll go through a short introduction to macros and learn how to use them to our advantage.

16.02.2016 / By Bartłomiej Dybowski

React vs Angular 2 – compare the incomparable?

04.02.2016 / By Patryk Jażdżewski

Apache Spark 101

During our last internal Backend Guild meeting we discussed the topic of Apache Spark. This post is to fill the details we missed and to organize the knowledge so it might be useful for people willing to start with Spark.

14.01.2016 / By Patryk Jażdżewski

Common Scala Gotchas

Hi. In this post we will be exploring some unexpected gotchas we found while working with Scala. Hopefully it will help you to better understand Scala and fix some naughty bugs :)