Top London Scala Developers: How to Find the Best Fit

If you’re looking to hire a Scala developer in London, you’re in the right place. This comprehensive guide will help you find and partner with the perfect candidate for your project. We’ll cover everything from what specific skills and experience to target to how to find local developers through recruitment companies and social media.

Look for a Developer With Relevant Expertise.

Before beginning your search for a Scala developer, it’s crucial to determine what specific expertise and experience you’re looking for. This way, you can focus on locating the best fit for your project. For example, when researching potential candidates, please pay close attention to their past work to confirm that it meets your desired skill level and qualifies them for the job. Additionally, consider asking applicants questions about their knowledge during an initial phone interview or video call to ensure they have the correct skill set.

Get Recommendations From Your Network.

In the technology industry, referrals are a great way to find experienced Scala developer in London and all the other European cities. Ask your contacts, former colleagues, or industry peers for advice on who in their network might suit your project. Apart from getting reliable references, this method is advantageous because it puts you in direct contact with potential candidates and helps them get an accurate idea of your expectations.

Use Social Media to Vet Candidates.

Social media platforms can help you learn more about your potential Scala developers and connect with them. Search for the candidate’s profile on Twitter, and LinkedIn to gain insights into their experience, work style, and professional network. In addition, you are likely to find valuable information on their past projects or collaborations and get an indication of their technical knowledge by reading any articles they have posted or commented on.

Check Credentials and References.

After you’ve conducted a few initial interviews and narrowed your Scala developer in London list, it’s time to check the background and credentials of your shortlisted candidates. Ask for references from previous employers or customers who can honestly appraise the candidate’s work experience. You can also do a quick internet search to check their reputation on developer-specific forums or review platforms.

Meet Face to Face or Conduct a Zoom Interview.

Conducting an in-person or online interview is essential to understand better the candidate’s personality, skills, and coding style. This will also give you more details before making your final decision. Prepare a detailed list of questions that help you assess their technical expertise and gauge how they align with your values and culture. Also, don’t forget to ask them about their previous successes and how they would approach a project from your business.

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