How to Hire a Dedicated Scala Developer in 4 Easy Steps

Looking for an experienced, dedicated Scala developer? Finding the right solutions and a skilled professional can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be stressful. This guide will walk you through 4 easy steps to help you find and hire a dedicated Scala developer.

Understand your project’s needs and compile a detailed job description.

dedicated Scala developer

Determining your specific project requirements is integral to finding a qualified, dedicated Scala developer. Creating a detailed job description helps you find qualified candidates faster and increases the chances of successful onboarding. Include qualifications, relevant experience, preferred technology stacks, essential and desirable skills, project goals, and timeline. Doing this upfront ensures you only contact developers that fit your criteria and save you time.

Source qualified applicants in the right places.

To reach out to the best talent, partnering with recruitment consultants and posting your jobs on the right platforms is essential. This could involve job postings on dedicated job search engines and professional networks such as Stack Overflow, Reddit, or GitHub, as well as using tools such as LinkedIn’s Recruiter or a full-cycle platform like Hired X. Connecting with recruiters specializing in your target language can also be effective, as they are likely to have a pool of talented candidates that match your needs.

Read Scalac’s recruitment success story for one of our Clients from the HealtTech industry.

Conduct rigorous technical tests to evaluate the developer’s skills.

To ensure you are getting the best of the best, it’s important to ask potential candidates to undergo a technical evaluation process. This could include a series of interviews and practical tests that evaluate their code writing and debugging abilities within the language. Technical tests should also assess their level of knowledge when it comes to Scala libraries, frameworks, and design patterns. You could also use a test platform such as Prometric or Codility for more complex topics. Finally, make sure to thoroughly understand your future developer’s development process before making your final decision.

Use reference checks and trusted tools to uncover hidden facts.

Don’t just rely on a developer’s CV or portfolio. Before committing to an individual, ask for references from former employers and colleagues. You could also use trusted coding evaluation tools like StackShare or GitHub to explore their coding ability in greater depth. Also, check if their claims are padded or exaggerated by running background searches with popular search engines. Ultimately you want only the best-qualified individuals working on your projects, so doing your due diligence will help you confidently make the right hiring decision.

Interview the candidate in person or through video discussions.

dedicated Scala developer

Interviewing your candidate is the best way to evaluate their suitability for the role. Take time during the interview process to discuss their experience with Scala and topics related to software management, testing, and deployment. Incorporate technical questions catered to your project goals so that candidates demonstrate how they can contribute to your team’s success. Afterward, verify relevant qualifications and affiliations, such as industry certifications or university degrees.

Read more about how Scalac, as a software agency with a dedicated Scala developer on-demand service, approaches the recruitment process.

Scalac – HIre Dedicated Scala Developer On Demand

Scalac is a software development company with over eight years on the market, specializing in high-quality services for Scala companies. Our team of certified Scala engineers works to deliver comprehensive, timely, and reliable solutions designed to help your business reach its individual goals. In addition, we offer custom-tailored programming that is both scalable and extensible so your project can grow as needed. 

Scalac offers

  • Certified Dedicated Scala Engineers 
  • Comprehensive Services 
  • Reliable Solutions 
  • Custom Tailored Programming 
  • Scalable and Extensible Solutions 

Scalac guarantees

  • Delivering services with unparalleled excellence that reflects the core values of our firm 
  • Leveraging best practices as well as cutting-edge technologies to ensure you’re always ahead of the competition 
  • Implementing innovative strategies while meeting deadlines according to project scale & complexity  
  • Developing efficient & effective architectures that are adapted to client needs

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