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Scalac’s Latest Development: Team-Matching Software, scala developers for hire, a startup from Scalac, is a team-matching software application that pairs best-fit tech specialists with specific business requirements. 

Finding the right employees for your business is challenging. Not only do you need to identify candidates with the right skills, but they must also want to work with your stack, have enough experience, be compatible with your team, and receive the right training. It’s a time-consuming and costly process full of obstacles. For example, a study by McKinsey found that 97% of businesses struggle to develop their employees. 

In a similar vein, Scalac recently attended the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics conference. It was clear that the ability to effectively evaluate the range of factors that make a high-performing team—talents, attributes, and combinatorial skills—has become the holy grail of sports analytics.

To help remedy these problems, Scalac leveraged its experience and voluminous in-house data from seven years of delivering software solutions to build It’s a technology that makes life simpler for both developers and businesses while facilitating the creation of high-quality projects worldwide. 

This short article introduces you to and the company behind it, Scalac. 

Who Is Scalac?

Scalac is a software agency that was launched in 2014. It was founded in Poland by three software engineers who shared a passion for Scala. 

They identified a crucial problem in the tech sector: growing businesses struggled to hire new talent fast enough. Their vision was to help companies that were scaling rapidly but were held back by the difficulty of hiring developers with the right skill set. 

Scalac was included in Techreviewer’s “Top IT Services Companies in 2020,” and was also listed in the “Forbes Diamonds” rankings of the fastest-growing companies in Poland. It has a five-star rating on Clutch. 

What Does Scalac Do?

Initially, Scalac only offered outsourcing and consulting services. However, after years of accelerated growth, Scalac now delivers a growing number of full project realizations, covering both the front and backend. 

Scalac’s comprehensive team of developers, testers, software engineers, DevOps, UX/UI designers and project managers draw on a large base of experience and have been fortunate enough to work with a wide range of international clients. 

But Scalac offers more than just high-quality tech solutions. It also hosts conferences and meetups and partners with other software agencies. Scalac has contributed to new technologies like ZIO. 

How Does Scalac Work?

Scalac leverages in-depth expertise and a client-focused approach to provide software solutions designed for the long term. All Scalac’s products use the latest technologies to solve complex tech problems. 

Similarly, Scalac offers outsourcing services that enable corporate clients to extend their team in an efficient and cost-effective way, without the drawbacks of training in-house employees. Scalac works closely with its clients to create a unified approach where multiple teams work harmoniously together. 

Scalac believes in working closely with businesses to provide implementations that accurately meet their needs. Its team believes that hard work, well-honed tech skills, and empathy are central to delivering any project. 

What Is

The Scalac team always strives to deliver successful projects. But now it’s thinking bigger. Scalac is using its comprehensive knowledge of the tech industry to build software that facilitates the creation of high-performance teams. 

The conception of began with a simple question: what do businesses need to deliver a successful project? 

Scalac believed that the answer was obvious. They need a functional, effective, and skilled team. 

That’s why Scalac created It’s a team-matching and workforce management software designed for mid-size and large businesses that struggle to evaluate and manage the wide pool of talent in their companies. Scalac understands first-hand the challenges businesses face when recruiting, managing, and retaining a large workforce. 

In fact, Scalac has broken down the art of delivering successful projects into twenty variables, such as skill levels, enjoyment, working hours, experience, and more that form the basis of’s machine learning engine. That engine helps businesses quickly and easily find candidates with the right skills, experience, and personal qualities.

But it doesn’t stop there. Once you’ve assembled a skilled group of professionals, helps you keep on top of team management. is currently in the exciting startup phase of its development but already boasts a comprehensive, powerful feature set.

What Does Offer? delivers a range of tech-optimized services, including:

  • The right team for your tech tack: At the core of is a comprehensive AI algorithm that helps you identify candidates suited to your project. Select for a range of qualities, including skill set, experience, preferences, availability, and more. 
  • Store and share candidate profiles: creates candidate profiles that function like CVs. Each profile visualizes key data with ratings and graphs for easy reading. Share up-to-date profiles safely with your team using PIN-secured folders. 
  • The skills matrix: The skills matrix fully organizes and visualizes your company’s existing and desired technologies. This customized framework enables you to map employee skills, preferences, and abilities to help you identify the candidates that best fit your projects.
  • Control permissions: Decide which administrators can access specific areas of the application using a simple tick-box system.
  • Team management: Easily manage employee holidays, time tracking, and more on a single interface.  
  • Financial reports: Generate detailed breakdowns of the various financial aspects that relate to projects and employee activity. 

Scalac designed to empower both businesses and tech professionals to create the highest-performing teams possible. 

Next Steps: Sign Up for a Demo is currently at the start of an exciting journey. Click here to check out’s innovative interface and sign up for the demo. 

At Scalac, we’re here to help with your software implementation requirements. We offer tech solutions to complex challenges rooted in years of experience, a client-focused approach, and cutting-edge technologies. 

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