Web Summit Lisbon 2021

Meet Scalac At Web Summit 2021 in Lisbon!

Web Summit Lisbon 2021

This fall, prepare to meet Scalac at the best and largest annual technology conference worldwide – Web Summit 2021. 

The organization is prestigious and professional on its own. Usually, this event doesn’t need much introduction. It’s practically everything startups wish to get involved with – an event that will let you grow your business, make connections, and more. 

Web Summit is the absolute center of innovation, technology, networking, lead generation, and development. This event is home to many international brands that once started as startups and are now worldwide recognized leaders in their industries. 

It’s so popular that companies, organizations, and institutions like Amazon, Microsoft, European Commission, Reddit, Audi, Twitter, and more are interested in this event and actively participate in it every edition. But what’s that Web Summit 2021 hype all about?

What does Web Summit mean in practice? Let’s take a closer look

Web Summit is an excellent place for many companies to accelerate their growth, make new connections, absorb insightful knowledge, and get inspired. Therefore, it is no surprise that this event gathers more and more attention every year. Let’s take a look at some of the facts and statistics associated with it:

  • 104 328 people from 168 countries participated in the Web Summit conference remotely in 2020. 
  • Over 1000 speakers and 1250 startups are expected to participate in the conference this year. 
  • This year, the event will host guests both online and in person in Lisbon, allowing many more people from more countries to participate.
  • Masterclasses, roundtables, Q&A’s and other fun activities are on the agenda for Web Summit 2021.
  • Speakers from dozens of industries will participate in the conference this year, including food, health care, automobile, clothing, entertainment, fashion, technology and more.

Forbes describes this event as ‘the best technology conference on the planet,’ the New York Times claims it to be a grand conclave of the tech industry’s high priests’. Politico talks about it as ‘the world’s premier tech conference’. We can’t argue with these words now coming from worldwide known and respected publishers, now can we? 

Get to know us closer this year with Web Summit 2021

As mentioned above, Scalac will be in Lisbon this year to participate in this great event. We’re incredibly excited to be part of it and can’t wait to show you what we’ve prepared for this special occasion.

Scalac is one of the top Scala development companies in the world. It specializes in IT staff augmentation, blockchain, data engineering, custom software development, FinTech, and more. Scalac entered the market in 2014 to help people resolve the increasing number of challenges associated with handling big data. The company consists of a fast-growing team with a mission to deliver customized software solutions ranging from ScalaC through cryptocurrency to distributed systems. 

Scalac’s central values are scalacracy, teamwork, openness, respect, proactivity, and accountability. We have the ambition and energy to move the tech-forward and create new paths for others to follow. 

During this year’s conference in Lisbon, Scalac will have the pleasure to introduce our latest project that consumed enormous amounts of time, energy, dedication, and knowledge – Teamy.ai! What is it? How does it work? Will my company need it? Keep reading if you want to find out.

Web Summit 2021

Teamy.ai – learn more about our latest project at Web Summit 2021

Teamy.ai is a fully AI-powered system designed to quickly and accurately match individual programmers to project requirements and assess the likelihood of the matched programmers to create an effective team that will be satisfied with the quality of cooperation.

Teamy’s recommendations will take into account complex matrices of conditions pertaining to project requirements as well as individual developers’ career paths and feedback ratings to ensure maximum compatibility. The system functions are based on solutions in knowledge representation methods, machine learning, and partial understanding of content. 

Teamy.ai is expected to ensure 70% system’s effectiveness in terms of good compatibility with the task-chosen programmer line. The target group of this system is Software House companies and entities that often need to create project teams for the purpose of creating programming solutions at the highest level with maximum satisfaction ensured. In practice, it’s the perfect choice for most companies with larger IT teams. 

Correct and effective job matching for developers and programmers isn’t the only thing Teamy.ai is capable of doing, though. This system can do much more. Apart from team building, you can rely on Teamy.ai when it comes to evaluating a developer’s competency, as well as determining the direction of development and growth of that particular developer. This sort of information acts as a perfect tool for effective decision-making aiming to lower retention and keep employees for a longer time in the same companies. 

Some of the features Teamy.ai will offer also include: 

  • time reporting module
  • IT project profitability calculator 
  • profit raised thanks to a particular developer 
  • researching developer satisfaction module 
  • holidays’ reporting and accepting module
  • invoice management module

So, what’s next?

If you think Teamy.ai sounds interesting, we have good news! You will be able to learn more about this project during Web Summit 2021 in November. Our official launch will take place there, and we can’t wait to tell you much more about Teamy.ai and the fantastic benefits it offers. 

We’re looking forward to meeting you there and hope you enjoy the conference as much as we are sure we will. 

If you wish to learn more about Scalac, make sure you check this website out, where we talk all about our expertise in cutting-edge technologies.

Other than that, we hope you enjoyed this short announcement, and we hope to see you in Lisbon!

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