Web Summit Lisbon 2021

Web Summit 2021 – Are You Ready? (+ meet us!)

Web Summit Lisbon 2021

Are you ready for the best and most phenomenal technology conference ever? It’s here, and it couldn’t get any better than this! We are thrilled to announce that Scalac will be attending this conference, too. Web Summit 2021 in Lisbon is where we will uncover the long-awaited secret and finally officially launch our Teamy.ai program, which you can learn more about here.

Web Summit Lisbon

#1: What is Web Summit Lisbon? 

The best technology conference on the planet – this is how Forbes itself describes Web Summit Lisbon. Among other commentators are publishers like the New York Times, the Atlantic, the Reuters, and Politico. This conference is the absolute number #1 in the world, where all things technology-related are discussed. It is where it all begins for many companies and organizations – their first speeches, successes, and achievements. Web Summit Lisbon is the center of innovation, growth, and endless opportunities. 

Web Summit is considered ‘world’s premier tech conference’ and ‘a grand conclave of the tech industry’s high priests’ full of founders and CEOs of technology companies, fast-growing startups, heads of stake, and policymakers. This November, we will all meet in Lisbon, Portugal, to once again create a truly unforgettable event. 

When? Web Summit takes place from November 1–4, 2021. Where? It will be held in the Altice Arena and FIL, Rossio dos Olivais, 1990-231 Lisbon, Portugal. Now that you know the time and place, let’s get to know a little bit more about this conference. More specifically – what’s to come and what you can expect based on previous editions. 

Web Summit Lisbon
source of image: https://websummit.com/

#2 Previously on Web Summit – Top Highlights 

The year of 2020 was full of surprises, there’s no doubt. Some were less and some were more pleasant. Despite the fact Web Summit had to take place fully remotely, it actually turned out to be a highly beneficial situation, as this is when Web Summit Lisbon welcomed their biggest ever crowd so far – over 100 000 people, albeit online. 

More than 1137 speakers from 168 countries. 679 talks on 30 different topics, over 2000 startups, and 1145 investors. Masterclasses, roundtables, Q&A’s and more. This is what Web Summit is all about, and it’s about to get much better.

Let’s take a quick look at 3 examples of presentations that took place last year to give you a sense of what you can expect from the upcoming edition!

Have a question? Ask Wikipedia… in person!

Jimmy Wales is an entrepreneur best known as the founder of the international collaborative free content encyclopedia called Wikipedia, as well as the Wikimedia Foundation. In his Q&A session during Web Summit 2020, he answered all questions that the attendees had – just like Wikipedia! Although the session only lasted 40 minutes, Jimmy shared a lot of insightful tips with his audience and inspired many to keep on working on their goals!

Check WebSummit’s gallery to see how the conference and stands looked like in the previous editions

Responsible investing in venture capital 

In this presentation, Dilan Mizrakli Landgraff, Co-Founder and Chief Strategy, People and Culture Officer at Antler talked all about why ESG matters, revealed some of the challenges associated with it, and suggested potential solutions. Venture capital firms often can positively influence and encourage companies to incorporate ESG and other societal considerations into their culture, goals, and policies. Therefore, in this talk, Dilan touched upon this topic more, creating a valuable and interesting discussion. 

Fact or opinion?

Eric Schurenberg from Inc. & Fast Company, Versha Sharma from NowThis Media, Gerry Baker from The Wall Street Journal, and John Micklethwait from Bloomberg all gathered digitally to talk about how to keep news objective. In a world full of various journalists, often filled with their own emotions, opinions, and subjectivity, it’s important to know how to stay professional at what they do. This presentation was dedicated to exploring this topic further and attracted many listeners who were interested in learning more about this!

Sounds interesting? Well, prepare for even more this year:

#3: Web Summit Lisbon 2021 is coming!

If you think previous editions were fun and exciting, better prepare for what’s to come. After having to host the conference fully online in 2020, Web Summit is finally back and can welcome you again in Lisbon. Having learned from past experiences, this year, Web Summit is hoping to welcome around 150 000 attendees – both in real life and online, mixing virtual and in-person experiences in order to attract more people from more places.  What is on the agenda? Let’s see.

Amazon, European Commission, Vogue, Huawei, Microsoft. Sound familiar? These and many more companies, institutions, and organizations will all meet together to create an unforgettable experience this year thanks to incredible speakers, unparalleled networking opportunities, and proprietary software to maximize the experience. 

If networking and lead generation, as well as learning and development, have been on your radar for a while now, prepare to experience all of this in a huge volume this Autumn during Web Summit Lisbon. 

International attendees, speakers, startups, partners, investors, and media representatives.

Web Summit Lisbon
source of image: https://websummit.com/

This year, Web Summit grants access to various tracks that you will be able to follow to get richer in valuable knowledge. Choose between design, technology, journalism, development, healthcare, fashion, finance, and music. If none of these seem interesting to you, you may want to take a look at other tracks, covering the topics of marketing, sustainability, SaaS, sports, education, AI, and many, many more. 

#4: Web Summit 2021: what’s on the agenda?

Startups, talks, investors, partners, volunteers, media representatives – all of them will gather together in Lisbon to create a truly unforgettable experience. Web Summit brings together leading speakers, tech’s biggest companies, and top media outlets. This November, Web Summit Lisbon will become the center of valuable leads, meaningful connections, and premium content. 

And the best thing? You can be part of it, too!

Don’t miss this:

Below you can read about some of the most interesting talks that will take place during the Web Summit 2021 in Lisbon. A lot of the time, startups is where it all begins. You can get inspired by companies who truly know how to give startups a whole new meaning and turn them into big, international brands. You definitely shouldn’t miss these:

#1 Bolt | Autotech | Estonia 

If you’re familiar with Uber, Deliveroo or Lime, you can’t miss Bolt at this year’s Web Summit conference. In Europe, Bolt rides are all carbon-neutral, with carbon offsetting being a key component of the startup’s plan to reduce its ecological footprint over the long term. Therefore, Bolt has committed to offset its European carbon dioxide emissions by at least five million tonnes by 2025. Bolt is only at the beginning of its journey thanks to its forward-looking approach and transport is just its starting point. Pay close attention to what they have to show this year in Lisbon. 

#2 Deezer | Entertainment and Media | France 

If Autotech doesn’t seem that much interesting to you, perhaps you wish to learn more about how major players in the music industry like Spotify and Apple Music built their power? Well, Deezer is right behind them and will be in Lisbon to talk all about it. Deezer means more than 73 million tracks available from artists all over the globe, in addition to radio and podcasts.

Deezer lets you listen to your favorite music on your desktop or laptop, as well as most mobile and tablet devices. This prominent player in the music industry is home to 16 million users across 180+ countries. Make sure you check them out in Lisbon!

#3 GoStudent | Education | Austria

Looking to get into the Education sector? With GoStudent it’s possible. The startup aims to help students of all ages and abilities achieve their potential through online teaching. The GoStudent platform allows its users to connect with teachers for private lessons delivered via recorded video or audio chat on a variety of school subjects. Students can access GoStudent via mobile devices or the web app for even greater convenience. If you’re interested in getting to know more about digital software development or the teaching process in general, this startup’s presence in Lisbon will make it much easier for you. 

Over to you

We can’t speak for you, but for us personally, we’re really looking forward to the Web Summit Lisbon this year. Having so many amazing presentations, networking opportunities, and – of course – our own initiative makes this conference a real delight!

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