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Team Matching Process – How to do it like Google and Amazon?

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Programming organizations, regardless of specialization, must demonstrate incredible efficiency and cooperation. In recent years, the team-matching system has become popular and more effective thanks to working with Artificial Intelligence. High involvement and selection of employees in departments and non-departmental teams resulted in a fantastic improvement in the quality of implemented processes, management, and project finalization.

Every employee adequately educated in a given field, in this case in programming, is valuable. However, to use his full potential, you need to think about tasks that will allow you to use one hundred percent of his capabilities. 

What’s more, it may work as a motivation for other employees and support, because in the event of any problems with the project, chances are there will be at least one person on the team to solve it and pass some knowledge to colleagues.

Thus, the team’s function is to complement each other on the planes responsible for experience, development, education, and skills.

Team structure

The structure of the team is also related to the rights of a particular hierarchy. We can designate individual positions and duties, such as Managers and sub-teams dealing with assigned issues. It allows you to maintain a better organization, react faster to the problem and resist the emergence of chaos and situations where “the employee is unsure what his task is”. 

Managers plan, define available and needed resources, and appoint a leader and team members.

Team culture will help you keep aware of the goal of your actions. Then it’s easier to retain a memory of “why we are here” and “what our task is”. You can keep in mind, “why do we want to be more efficient “. Also, it might help avoid burnout or unproductive and destructive work. Employees in a team should support each other. It enables the internment of the expected level of commitment and quality.

On what we should focus our attention on while choosing a team? The answer is simple – on the nature of the work and the nature of the group. But what does it mean?

Well, the fundamental questions we should ask ourselves relate to the issues listed below.

Nature of work

Team matching process

The nature of work is the most critical element because, thanks to it, you learn about your tasks and position in the company: 

  • Whether the actions are internal or internal?
  • Is it possible to contact the customer?
  • How does your role affect the company?
  • Responsibilities (from the most difficult to the easiest, e.g. building an interface, designing or maybe advanced algorithms).
  • Requirements for the knowledge of languages, frameworks, ability to use tools (e.g. Scala, JavaScript, React.js, React Native, Kotlin).
  • What is the priority: job analysis or product?

Nature of team character

  • Mode of operation (remote, stationary).
  • Team size (To find out if the team is too small or too big for us).
  • Since when does it exist?
  • What is their structure (manager, leader, sub-teams)?
  • Do they organize follow-up meetings (weeklies, sprints)?
  • How is team performance assessed (results, ratings)?
  • Are they supervised by higher positions (specialists in a given field, product experts – PM)?

The possibility of matching an employee to the team is beneficial both for him and for the team manager. No decent manager would like his mentee to feel uncomfortable in the company and mismatched to his duties – because this leads to a reduction in the quality and efficiency of work. 

In other words, it’s also a great way to attract tech talent, new customers and increase brand popularity. 

So how do you finalize the above process and how to match an employee to the team properly?

Google team matching process

A great example of representation will be one of the most famous IT companies – Google. The organization, founded in 1998, has gained timeless popularity and is used all over the world. A developed enterprise currently provides all the relevant information for today’s users.

Among them, you will find options for searching, watching videos, messages, images, maps, managing purchases or finances, and many other tools.

Google Community Guidelines

Google currently controls big names such as Youtube, Kaggle, Admob, and Fitbit.

Despite the organization’s size, Google is still trying to be one of the companies that don’t fall into bureaucracy. Their culture focuses on inner equality. They have freedom of speech; each employee can express their opinion on specific issues in fear of the failure of the project or the possibility of its improvement. 

They have a huge responsibility due to their popularity; we can say they have gained the community’s trust loyal users, the number of which is constantly growing. In a company like Google, every step is essential. 

Therefore, apart from the issue of enormous cooperation and respect, it is necessary to properly match the employee to the team – because, as previously mentioned, this is the key to obtaining the best results of work.

It is worth mentioning that Google runs a recruitment system in several interviews ranging from four to six. The organization’s HR cares about the organization’s culture but doesn’t forget about the diversity and autonomy of the potential employee. Furthermore, the decision to hire is always shared; not one person makes it. Thus, the system is more democratic than hierarchical.

Google prescribes the form” matching the team “. It is recommended that you complete it carefully and diligently to get assigned where you do your best. It is worth being specific and precisely specifying your expectations and skills. Include what you specialize in as a programmer, what programs you feel best in and what kind of projects you are most interested in.

What other companies are using team matching?

Amazon team matching process

Nowadays, it’s hard not to hear about one of the largest American trading companies – Amazon – founded four years earlier than Google in 1994. Amazon’s subsidiaries are companies such as Audible and Zappos. 

Currently, Amazon sells electronics, clothing, books, multimedia, and more. Amazon’s main goals among employees are development, innovation, equality, and above all, fairness to Amazon’s interests and prices.

An organization at such a high level cannot afford any negative opinions regarding sales fraud and the platform’s operation. 

Furthermore, the employee must interact with his team. Therefore the team matching principle also applies in the organization.

Of course, there may be a situation where the employee seems attractive and appropriate in the team matching process. However, at this point, the organization is not able to match the right team to him. As with Google, you should be clear about your goals, skills, and expectations for the position before the team-checking process. Otherwise, you may be misassigned or unassigned. Amazon values ​​detail and reliability, which is why, just like in the case of Google, recruitment interviews take place between 4-6, taking several weeks.

What does the conclusion explain?

Collaboration, good organization, innovation are keywords for a thriving programming organization and any other. Matching people to the team allows you to maintain the organizational culture and better well-being of the employee (greater job satisfaction and commitment). This method will enable us to obtain the maximum quality of the project, product, or tool we are working on. It gives you the chance to react quickly and eliminate any mistakes that may arise on the way to success.

A confused employee is an ineffective employee. It never brings anything good for both sides. For the work and its effects to function at a similar level or to rise upwards, a great solution is to reach ‘matching the employee to the team’ at the very beginning of recruitment stages.

Big names, organizations like Google and Amazon are putting this technique into reality for a reason. By taking advantage of this opportunity, the chances of finding the right person are higher. Also, it can help the company’s turnover increase with each recruitment carried out in this way., team matching process

We have started a project which is the new tool Teamy.aiIt is a system based on artificial intelligence, and its task is to match programmers to emerging projects as accurately as possible. A detailed plan regarding employee career paths and feedback assessments focusing on maximum compatibility will satisfy you. The additional functions include time reporting, a profitability calculator, pleasure and profit research, team matching, plus an invoice management module. Scalac was with the project at the Web Summit, 2021 

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