Inventory App Part 0. Foundations

Scala end to end

In Scalac we believe that Scala is a great general purpose language, that helps you to build high quality software quickly. And although Scala shines in the backend, it’s use is not limited to server side programming. With these blog posts we would also like to convince all of you that it’s possible to build a full stack application using only Scala.

This, and the following blog posts from the series, are an experiment proving that the Scala ecosystem is mature enough to be the main driving force for building production ready apps. Although I would not recommend using Scala only for its hype, I want to show that it’s a viable alternative for both freelancers, startups and enterprises looking for a full stack technology.


The application that we are going to build is a simple inventory manager. It will keep some information about items and where they are located. It’s not much, but we will improve and grow the application while we introduce new libraries and approaches to the mix.

Application layers:

  • database layer – Software Transactional Memory approach with Activate Framework
  • API layer – brand new Akka HTTP in action
  • web client – done with Scala.js
  • mobile app – Android application created with Scaloid

You can track the progress on Inventory App


I hope this short post will get you interested in the series I’m preparing for you. The first “real” part is coming soon and next will be published every 1-2 weeks.


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Patryk Jażdżewski

I'm a software consultant always looking for a problem to solve. Although I focus on Scala and related technologies at the moment, during the last few years I also got my hands dirty working on Android and JavaScript apps. My goal is to solve a problem and learn something from it. While working with teams I follow "The Boy Scout" Rule - "Always check a module in a cleaner state than when you checked it out". I think this rule is so good, that I extend it also to other aspects of software development - I try to improve communication patterns, processes and practices ... and all the things that might seem non-technical but are vital to success.

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